New Products - February/March 2005 Page 5

LG-0205.jpg LG Expect size envy from neighbors you invite over to gape at your MW-71PY10 plasma HDTV monitor. With a nearly 6-foot screen (71 inches diagonal) and a lush resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, it blows away punier plasmas. Besides upconverting 1080i and 720p HDTV programs to 1080p quality, the TV uses LG's XD Engine video processor to minimize distortion and video "noise" in analog programs while enhancing details and colors. High-def-capable inputs include DVI, HDMI, VGA, and two component-video. You can watch an inset image (picture-in-picture) from a second source, choosing among several window sizes and positions. Price: unavailable at press time., 888-865-3026

Infinity-0205.jpg Infinity The flagship of Infinity's Total Solutions home theater speaker systems, the TSS-4000 includes four SAT-4000 speakers (left) for the left/right front and surround channels and the identical but horizontally oriented Center-4000 center speaker. Each three-way satellite has four 3 1/2 -inch woofers, dual 3 1/2 -inch midrange drivers, and a 3/4 -inch tweeter, all using Infinity's anodized-aluminum Metal Matrix Diaphragm, or MMD. The Sub-4000 powered subwoofer has a 12-inch MMD driver plus a 400-watt amplifier. The 23-inch-tall left/right satellite can comfortably cozy up to your plasma TV - a swiveling wall bracket is supplied (floor stands are optional). Prices: satellites, $549 each; subwoofer, $1,249., 516-674-4463

MDesign-0205.jpg M-Design If you feel something move as you watch that action-packed DVD, it's not your imagination - it's the couch. The Centra Action Couch 1000 contains a 300-watt amplifier and four transducers to convert audio signals into bass vibrations. You can adjust how much shakin' you want goin' on, and you won't have to worry about tripping over wires in case you're launched from your seat - the Action Couch connects wirelessly to your A/V receiver by a supplied 900-MHz transmitter. A cup holder is built into the fold-out armrest. Price: $6,000., 866-563-6388

Powergrid-0205.jpgPowergrid Fitness Why let your thumb get all the exercise while you play videogames when you could be getting a whole-body workout? Kilowatt Sport, a shoulder-height joystick connected to an aluminum plank you stand on, forces you to use your muscles as you play Grand Theft Auto, Halo 2, or any other game on a PlayStation, PS2, Xbox, or GameCube. A USB port even lets you use it with PC or Mac games. The plank can absorb the hundreds of pounds of torque generated when you move the joystick against a resistance bar, and an LCD screen shows your workout time, pounds lifted, and current resistance level. Towel not included. Price: $800., 800-266-6775

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