New Products - February/March 2005 Page 4

Atlantic-0205.jpg Atlantic Technology The slim-profile (just under 5 inches deep) FS-3200 satellite speakers are designed to mount on the wall next to and under a plasma TV. The left/right FS-3200LR has a pair of 4-inch woofers, a 1-inch tweeter, and a pair of 4-inch passive radiators to extend the bass down to a rated 80 Hz. The horizontal FS-3200C center speaker is the same except that the tweeter is centered and raised to help keep movie dialogue clear for listeners on either side. Rear-panel controls adjust treble and bass. Both straight-on and swiveling (up to 10°) wall-mount brackets are provided, and the center also comes with a rocker mount for placement on top of a TV or on a shelf beneath it. Available in silver or black. Prices: FS-3200LR, $900 a pair; FS-3200C, $500 each., 781-762-6300

soundmatters-0205.jpgsoundmatters You've got your TV and speakers up on the wall - why not the subwoofer, too? But if you can't find a spot for soundmatters' SUBstage, its 3 3/4 -inch-thick cabinet will be just as unobtrusive if you lay it underneath your recliner. Rated to rumble down to 35 Hz, the SUBstage uses proprietary FlatMagic technology, which combines a 6 1/2-inch driver with a pair of 6 x 6-inch "moving walls" - passive radiators that are said to couple with the driver, effectively creating a single 14-inch driver. It's magnetically shielded, so don't worry about getting it too close to your TV. The onboard digital amplifier is rated to deliver 100 watts, and phase is continuously variable from 0° to 180°. An optional décor kit ($49) includes a table pedestal. Price: $329., 800-698-7662

SpeakerCraft-0205.jpgSpeakerCraft Your sound will be right on target when you have SpeakerCraft's AIM LCR speakers built into your walls. Their woofers and tweeters can be independently aimed so you can tweak the sound like never before. Each baffle pivots either up and down or side to side, while the tweeter pivots on its own axis. The AIM LCR Three (shown) has a 1-inch tweeter and dual 5 1/4-inch aluminum/magnesium woofers rated down to 50 Hz. Switches on either side of the tweeter fine-tune the bass and treble - put them in the "+" position for a boost. You'll have to carve out a 14 1/4 x 7 1/2 -inch hole in your wall to give the Three a home, and its depth is 4 inches. Price: $999 a pair., 800-448-0976 Martin-Logan-0205.jpgMartin LoganThe Vignette on-wall satellite speaker follows in the stylish footsteps of MartinLogan's Fresco, which won a 2004 Reviewer's Choice Award. A slim, 4 1/2-inch profile and the supplied pivoting wall bracket help the Vignette partner with your flat-panel TV. In lieu of a tweeter it sports a proprietary Advanced Thin Film (ATF) transducer, which suspends an ultra-thin diaphragm between two electromagnets that push and pull on it to produce sound. A pair of 4-inch woofers rated down to 78 Hz enable it to mate with most subwoofers. You can select a silver or black grille. Price: $649 each., 866-605-6596

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