New Product: Pioneer Elite VSX-84TXSi Receiver

CLUTTER CUTTER Everybody loves HDTV, but enough with all the cables already! Pioneer feels your pain, providing no fewer than four HDMI inputs on its new flagship receiver, the VSX-84TXSi. The Cadillac of connectors delivers both HD video and audio, so you can hook up everything from your high-def cable box to your HD DVD or Blu-ray Disc player and still not get tangled up. And non-HDMI gear also gets the royal treatment: upconversion to high-def signal formats, so you need only one cable to your HDTV. TUNE UP The single-cable trend continues with the obligatory iPod hookup, complete with onscreen playlist browsing (though not for video menus) and special sound processing said to enhance compressed music - because sometimes you just have to ditch those buds. $1,200 800-421-1404

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