New Product: K2 Mounts X-Arm Motorized TV Mount

FULLY ARMED That sweet flat-panel TV you just bought demands to be mounted on a wall. Problem: The spot you've set aside for it has you seeing mostly glare. Don't give up and get a floor stand - get K2's X-Arm mount. Fitting most displays 42 inches and larger, the X-arm extends your panel from the wall at the touch of a button, tilting up (7 degrees), down (25 degrees), and side to side (32 degrees) at your command.

THE RIGHT PLACE When your TV's off, the arm retracts flush to the wall, holding the set upright, which can help prevent warping if it resides above a fireplace. It's all controlled from the supplied remote or your existing custom controller. $1,995 866-526-6868

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