New Philips High-Performance Monitors Cost $280

EPI has announced the addition of two high-performance LCD monitors to the Philips E Series lineup.

The 32-inch Quad HD model (326E8FJSB) with 2560 x 1440 resolution and 27-inch 4K model (276E8VJSB) with 3840 x 2160 resolution are each available for $280 through Amazon and NewEgg. Both are 10-bit widescreen displays that use 12-bit internal processing for a smoother picture “without gradations or color banding,” according to EPI, which distributes Philips-brand monitors in the U.S.

Aimed at gamers, the 32-inch monitor features AMD FreeSync technology for more fluid game play, a response time of 5ms, and three game modes: FPS for improved contrast, Racing for the fastest response time, and RTS for highlighting a specific area; the Racing and RTS modes include image adjustments. Custom settings for different games can be saved in Gamer 1 and 2 presets.

The 27-inch monitor has a thin bezel and incorporates IPS LED wide-view technology for “crisp images and vivid colors with consistent brightness at any angle,” according to EPI, making it ideal for movies or professional applications requiring great detail. MultiView technology allows two devices to be connected for simultaneous viewing and multi-tasking.

Both monitors include Philips’ proprietary LowBlue mode to reduce “harmful blue light” and Flicker-Free technology, which is said to regulate brightness and reduce flicker for a more comfortable viewing experience with less eye fatigue.

Philips monitors are covered by a four-year “advance replacement warranty.”

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Billy's picture

I got lucky a short while in a raffle. My ten bucks in tickets didn't get me the $500 money tree I lusted after, but I did win a Phillips 55 inch 4K smart TV. It sits in the box in a closet. Our kids think it should go in the bedroom to replace the 52 inch Sony 1080P that is there, but I am not so sure. The Sony may be 9 years old, but the glass and optics on it seem top notch to these old eyes. What do you guys think? My bed is 10 feet back from the screen, so 1080P looks good to me. Maybe I should sell it, or would there be a noticeable improvement? We have 4K TVs elsewhere in the house, a 55 inch Vizo and a 43 and 49 inch LGs. They look good, but I sit closer to those. Judging by that, I think the Sony is fine where it sits and I should sell the new Phillips. Any opinions?

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Since you are happy with the 1080p Sony TV which has better glass and optic, sell the philips 4k smart 55" TV then. You'll be a bit richer by selling it. Beside sony has better glass, i think it might have better color too.