New High-End Smartphone Boasts DTS:X Ultra Audio

Last week DTS announced the integration of DTS:X Ultra audio processing into a high-end smartphone you might not have heard of: the Zenfone 6 Taiwanese computer maker ASUS is planning to release in the U.S.

The Android phone supports hi-res audio streaming and 5.1/7.1 DTS: X object-based surround sound in what’s being hailed as a “significant improvement in mobile audio.”

Post-processing audio algorithms for speakers and headphones have also been redesigned for the Zenfone 6 to provide enhanced bass response, an “ultra-realistic” head tracker, and custom audio tuning for up to six pre-loaded headphone profiles, DTS said.

“Consumers choose smartphones based on their features and performance capabilities,” said Sumat Mehra, senior vice president and general manager, mobile at DTS parent company Xperi. “DTS:X Ultra technology enhances smartphone-based audio content, delivering a truly premium entertainment experience.”

DTS:X Ultra is also included in the gaming-focused ROG (Republic of Gamers) phone ASUS introduced last fall. DTS says the technology gives gamers a competitive edge by delivering “console-quality” audio on a mobile phone through both headphones and speakers.

“By accurately representing sound sources in a 3D environment relative to the listener, DTS:X Ultra technology helps consumers to hear and locate their opponents and other key environmental sounds,” DTS said in making the ROG announcement. “Additionally, the technology supports all immersive audio formats and has additionally been designed to deliver enhanced bass response, loudness, and pristine audio clarity tuned for ROG headphones and phone speakers.”

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