Somfy makes a blinding array of motors and automatic control solutions for window coverings, and the company’s new TaHomA total home automation system aims to take over the rest of the house – not just the shades. In addition to providing comfort and sweet, sweet convenience, TaHomA is designed to manage what Somfy calls the home’s “Energy Triangle” (consisting of shades, lights, and thermostats) to ensure that the home is running as efficiently as possible. The current iteration of the TaHomA user interface has been nicely improved since the first prototype version I saw at CES in January of this year, and it makes both usage and programming control very easy the homeowner via the PC, iPad, iPod touch, or other handheld device. Motion sensors, remote controls, in-wall switches, and wireless thermostats are all available parts of the system to extend its reach. Participating suppliers include Cooper Wiring Devices and Leviton. Currently the system is not capable of a great deal of AV system control, but stay tuned – this looks like it could be the beginning of something especially nice in the world of home automation.

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The look of the custom sconce and indeed, the entire wall, is ruined by the multiple pieces of wall acne on it! This little demo wall would look a LOT nicer if all that clutter was replaced by a single touchscreen controller.

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I totally agree that the wall would look better without all the clutter. At a convention with limited booth space, sometimes the booth designers feel like they have to try to pack in as much stuff as possible to show off all of the capabilities of the system. What you didn't see in the picture was the 30"+ touchscreen on the wall that they used to show off the programming and control the system. I probably should have taken a wider shot of the whole booth to give a better sense of what they were trying to accomplish.