Monitor Audio Announces ‘Fun’ Speaker Series

U.K.-based Monitor Audio has announced a new six-model “fun” speaker series featuring a contemporary design and a compact bookshelf model with an unconventional driver layout.

Due out in the spring, the Monitor Series comprises two two-way bookshelf models, two floorstanding models, a center-channel speaker, and a subwoofer. All models are rear-ported and feature a 1-inch ceramic-coated aluminum magnesium “C-CAM” dome tweeter borrowed from the popular Bronze Series and a metal matrix polymer “MMP II” woofer featuring a “playful” orange cone.

The Monitor 50 is an 8-inch cube with a 5.5-inch woofer and tweeter offset in the top corner, while the Monitor 100 is a conventional two-way layout with a 6.5-inch woofer in a 12-inch-tall cabinet. Lower bass limits are spec’d at 55 and 44 Hz, respectively, and power handling at 70 and 100 watts.

The Monitor 200 Monitor 300 floorstanding models are two-and-a-half-way designs featuring dual-chamber enclosures. The 200 has one tweeter and two 5.5-inch woofers in a 33.5-inch-tall cabinet, while the 300 uses three 6.5-inch woofers in a 38-inch-tall cabinet. Lower bass limits are spec’d at 40 and 35 Hz, respectively, and power handling at 120 and 150 watts.

The Monitor C150 center speaker has a classic woofer-tweeter-woofer layout with 5.5-inch drivers in an 18-inch-wide enclosure rated to handle 100 watts and play down to 60 Hz.

Rounding out the line is the MRW-10 subwoofer, a 13-inch rear-ported cube featuring a 10-inch woofer, 100-watt Class D amplifier, variable crossover, and EQ presets for music, movies, and “impact.” Its low-frequency limit is rated as 30 Hz (–6 dB).

All models are available finished in black, white, or walnut. Pricing was not announced.

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