VR Brings the Home Theater of Your Dreams to Life

Dreaming of a new home theater space? You might want to find a custom installation company in your area that uses cutting-edge design software from Modus VR.

The Utah company has announced that it will roll out a significantly updated version of its virtual reality-based design platform at 2019 CEDIA Expo, which opens September 10 in Denver.

The updated software expedites the design process, enabling integrators to present media room designs as “stunning virtual reality experiences” in as little as 10 minutes. The updated platform is more flexible than its predecessor and puts many new virtual objects, materials, and finishes at the designer’s fingertips.

Objects include projectors, racks, area rugs — even fiber-optic “star” ceilings, while materials and finishes range from leather and microfiber seating to wood and polished-concrete floors. All this in addition to details such as recessed speakers and pendant lights that bring the virtual space to life.

Through a simple interface, integrators can generate multiple views of a project, pulling 3D objects from a library and creating color palettes on the fly. Sweeping changes can be made in a matter of seconds, making it easy to test-drive various iterations of a future entertainment space in real-time.

For more information, visit modusvr.com.

jnemesh's picture

I had the opportunity to try this with one of Modus' representatives walking me through the features, live in VR. It's INCREDIBLY powerful, and simple and intuitive to use. It will only take you minutes to get the basics down, and a complete design can be accomplished incredibly rapidly after that (10 minutes MIGHT be a bit optimistic, but certainly within the realm of possibility!) Being able to actually SHOW your customers the end result before they commit to a project is priceless!

I would HIGHLY recommend anyone in the industry check this software out!