MartinLogan Will Demo its $80K Neoliths at New York Audio Show

MartinLogan has announced plans to showcase two high-end hybrid electrostatic speaker systems at the New York Audio Show, which opens Friday at the Park Lane Hotel in Midtown Manhattan.

The iconic speaker brand is teaming with Woodbridge Stereo/Video, one of New Jersey’s top AV specialists, to demonstrate the stunning Neolith ($79,995, left in the photo) and Expression ESL 13A ($14,995), both members of MartinLogan’s top-performance Masterpiece Series.

The 6-foot-tall Neolith — offered in seven colors, including gloss red and silver — pairs a 22 x 48-inch electrostatic panel with an elongated base housing 12- and 15-inch drivers. The statement speaker will be powered by Mark Levinson electronics, including No 536 mono amplifiers, the No 526 preamplifier, No 519 streaming audio player, and No 515 turntable.

The ESL 13A mates a 13 x 44-inch electrostatic panel with a 600-watt subwoofer base that houses two 10-inch drivers. VPI’s new HW-40 direct drive turntable will serve as the source component, while Mark Levinson’s new No 5805 and No 5802 integrated amplifiers provide power and preamp functions.

Speaker cables, interconnects, and power cords for both systems are being provided by Music Interface Technologies (MIT).

The Neolith setup will employ MIT’s new ACC 169 (Articulation Control Console) speaker interface and use Reference Series Oracle MA-X interconnects and Oracle AC power cables.

The Expression ESL 13A system will employ MIT’s 2C3D Level 1 speaker interface cables and matching 2C3D Level 1 XLR interconnects plus an Oracle MA Rev. 2 digital interconnect and Predator AC power cables.

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