LP 2 FLASH: Transfers LP to... Flash!

Ion Audio made news a while ago with their LP 2 CD turntable that made it easy to transfer your old vinyl records to CD. It just got even easier to get music to your computer. The new LP 2 FLASH plays your albums and converts them to MP3, then stores them on an SD card or USB flash drive. Cool!

All of this can be done without a computer. The LP 2 FLASH lets you adjust the bitrate of the files directly from the display on the turntable. Connect a USB cable and control everything from your computer.

Does it record one side of an album as one single track?

Nope — it detects the silence between songs and breaks up the files into individual tracks.  Once converted to the SD card or flash drive, things get even easier. In conjunction with Gracenote, LP 2 FLASH comes with software that analyzes your music, then finds out the album name, artist, and song title. Plus, it comes with Audacity software to reduce unwanted noise.

Lp_2_flash_large I work in a recording studio, and we always have lots of people asking us to transfer their old albums to MP3. A product like this is going to save me lots of time. Actually, this is so easy to do, they can do it all themselves! —Leslie Shapiro

Ion Audio LP 2 FLASH