Locking HDMI Cables

If you have any TVs or monitors with a vertical HDMI connection where the HDMI cable comes loose and wriggles itself out, you’ll appreciate the locking HDMI cables being shown by Perfect Path. The cable locks into place because its end cover slides back and forth to lock or release the cable.

Previous versions of locking HDMI cables are actually high retention cables. Perfect Path HDMI cables will withstand 30 lbs of pressure in comparison with other models that can only handle 8 lbs of pressure.

This means that you the cable can be pulled as you move around your TV without falling out. Spokesperson Eric Bodley explained that they kept the retention rate at 30 lbs because they still wanted the cable to release if someone were to trip on the cable.

Perfect Path locking HDMI cables are high speed HDMI version 1.4 licensed cables. They can support picture resolutions up to 4k, audio return and ethernet channels. Prices start at $39 for a two-foot cable up to $240 for fifty-foot cable with a chipset to offset copper wire failure at longer lengths.