LG Showcases ‘Picture on Glass’ OLED TV in NYC

LG has partnered with Danish furniture brand BoConcept and interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel to create a custom living room space featuring its 65-inch E8 “picture on glass” OLED TV.

The Samuel-styled vignette, which “showcases the importance of material and form factor in modern home décor,” can be seen now through mid-September at BoConcept’s flagship showroom on Madison Avenue in New York City.

"Glass as an element of design is one of the most versatile you can incorporate into a space,” Samuel said. “I find it an ideal complement to natural materials like wood, leather, and fur which is why the new LG OLED TV is a designer's dream. I feel the TV is showcased at its best when used with those contrasting elements, which is what I worked with when designing the living space within the BoConcept showroom. It brings a level of sophistication to any space."

"When you take a closer look at modern interior decor, technology and furniture are steadily becoming more integrated," added Steen Knigge, marketing director, Americas for BoConcept. "Home-based tech products are evolving into sleeker designs to looking more and more like artwork, and LG's latest product is no exception."

"Thanks to Sarah's ability to effortlessly combine styles to create distinctive spaces, consumers can visualize new ways to bring their dream living room to life,” said David VanderWaal, LG’s senior vice president of marketing.

For more on BoConcept and the LG collaboration, visit boconcept.com. For background on Sarah Sherman Samuel, visit sarahshermansamual.com.