LG OLED TVs Get Nvidia G-Sync Gaming Update

LG today started rolling out a firmware update that enables Nvidia G-Sync technology for enhanced gameplay on 2019 model-year OLED TVs.

G-Sync is an “adaptive-sync” technology that synchronizes TV refresh rates to the frame rate of PCs equipped with GeForce RTX 20-Series or GTX 16-Series GPUs (graphics processing units) for smoother, more responsive gameplay “without the flicker, tearing, or stuttering common to most common displays.”

The firmware update is available on LG’s E9, C9, and B9 series OLED TVs with screen sizers from 55 to 77 inches. All three series have 55- and 65-inch models, while the C9 series adds a 77-inch model.

Owners of these TVs have the option of implementing the update manually by visiting LG’s support page at lg.com and downloading the latest version of the software available for a given model.

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Samsung sets have already been supporting FreeSync (as well as VRR) since their 2019 sets released in the spring. Also, Nvidia users can also enable freesync now. G-Sync is all but dead (thankfully!). Open standards will ALWAYS trump proprietary ones.

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You don't have to worry about image retention on a Samsung.