KEF Adds Compact LCR Speaker to Popular Q Series

U.K.-based home audio specialist KEF today announced the addition of a compact home theater speaker to its award-winning Q Series.

An adaptation of the Q650c, the new Q250c ($600 each) is a versatile speaker that can be used as a left/right- or center-channel home theater speaker. It combines KEF’s signature Uni-Q driver, which puts a 1-inch tweeter at the center of a midrange driver, with two 5.25-inch woofers in sealed cabinet 21 inches wide (or tall).

The speaker uses aluminum drivers throughout and has been upgraded with a new damped tweeter loading tube and new low-distortion inductor in its crossover.

Rated down to 68 Hz (–3 dB), the speaker excludes the rear port found in the Q650c so it can be placed inside an entertainment cabinet or backed up against a wall without acoustic penalty. Sensitivity and maximum output are spec’d at 87 and 108 dB, respectively.

Like other models in the Q Series, the Q250c has a magnetic grille and is offered in a black, white, or walnut finish.

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