JL Audio Fathom f110v2 Subwoofer Review Specs

AMPLIFIER: 1,100 watts RMS (short-term)
CONNECTIONS: Stereo balanced XLR and RCA inputs; balanced XLR output
DIMENSIONS: (WxHxD): 12.9 x 15.6 x 17.3 in
WEIGHT: (pounds) 69
Price: $3,500

Company Info
JL Audio
(954) 443-1100
JL Audio
(954) 443-1100

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I use two subs in my listening room but I calibrated them separately rather than calibrate one and slave the other to the same settings. One of the main benefits of two subs is to tame the rooms peaks/nulls so why would you want the second sub calibrated to the position of the first sub? Am I missing something?

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There are a few reasons to do two subs together if in mono (both at the same time) or do them individually if they are in a stereo setup. Both are valid, but the results will vary on the room and the calibration algorithm.

Did I miss the part about porting one subs response to another? I didn't see that.

Regardless, no, porting one subs correction curve to another will not usually be optimum.

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In other words why would you want the frequency response curve of one sub woofer ported to a sub in an entirely different position in the room?

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You would not want that. The only way that might work is if the room was perfectly symmetrical and the subs' placement were mirror imaged in the room. That, then, brings up a whole 'nuther set of problems.

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Sorry, but that is insane. It may be the best 10" sub on the planet, but that price is wack.

You could buy six Rythmik L12 subs for less and have more clean bass than you can stand at 20Hz. For room correction, spend a few extra bucks on a MiniDSP Dirac processor if it's not already in your pre/pro.

This is the much smaller brother to that monstrosity by Magico that had a 21" sub driver and cost over $20K.

Both are absurd.

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I use three 10" sealed subs to tame my open concept family/media room. The room is 3k cubic feet, but opens in one side to the kitchen and living room (an additional 4k cf). The main reasons to use 10" seal subs are two fold, compact size and value for the dollar. At $3,500 the Fathom f110 are most likely aimed at audiophile two channel stereo music enthusiasts. REL subs rule that market. For $3,500 there is a monster called JTR Captivator S2. Two 18"woofers on one sealed cabinet enclosure. I don't have the space (the wife said so), but I would jump on those if I could afford them.

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It should also be mentioned that $3500 is the MSRP of these subs. Street prices through your dealer may be substantially lower. As for the JTR Captivator S2, the WAF of that sub is somewhere close to zero :)
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You could buy 2 SVS 3000 subs for this price and have a lot of money left over.

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When you use the room correction when the subs are in "slave" mode, it measures the response of both subs in the room and creates an ideal curve with them working together. As for the price, I get what you're saying, but you're discounting the WAF with these subs. These are very small and compact subs catered to a very specific market that none of the larger subs mentioned above would ever get consideration in. Fortunately, my wife will let me have mostly what I want in my room , but that's not always the case. I know people who have been told they need to "hide" the subwoofer in the room, which means it needs to sit under an end table. Finally, the JL Audio drivers are extremely impressive and have a very distinct and clean sound (and quite powerful for their size). They sound quite a bit bigger than their size, if that makes sense.