The Lincoln Lawyer—Lionsgate

Video: 5/5
Audio: 4/5
Extras: 2.5/5

In the gripping thriller "The Lincoln Lawyer", Matthew McConaughey stars as Michael "Mick" Haller, a slick, charismatic Los Angeles criminal defense attorney who operates out of the back of his Lincoln Continental sedan. Having spent most of his career defending petty, gutter-variety criminals, Mick unexpectedly lands the case of a lifetime: defending a rich Beverly Hills playboy who is accused of attempted murder. However, what initially appears to be a straightforward case with a big money pay-off swiftly develops into a deadly match between two masters of manipulation and a crisis of conscience for Haller. Based on the best-selling novel by Michael Connelly.

Lionsgate delivers a striking HD presentation for this one. Fine detail and definition are exquisite and the image has a razor sharp quality that really stands out throughout the film. Dimensionality is top notch with long shots sharing the same great textural detail as short ones. Contrast is excellent and darker scenes show plenty of shadow detail and definition. Colors can be a bit stylized but it rarely distracts from the film. A spectacular video showing from Lionsgate. The DTS-HD Master Audio mix is also a winner with plenty of surround ambiance and great presence in the main channels. This isn’t an overly aggressive mix but it does have its moments with some occasional low end presence. The sound design is decent and makes use of the surround channels for more than just the passing ambiance and the balance of the mix is dead on.

Lionsgate includes a DVD copy of the film along with a digital copy for your portable device. Other extras include interviews with the cast and crew and some insight into the book’s author complete with a one on one with him and actor Matthew McConaughey. You also get some production insight, trailers and a feature commentary with the director.

The Lincoln Lawyer is a great crime thriller with great performances from a well rounded cast. The production value is slick and this Blu-ray does a bang up job with it delivering a reference quality video presentation and solid audio. Highly recommended.