The Island—Dreamworks

Video: 4.5/5
Audio: 5/5
Extras: 2/5

Midway through the 21st century, Lincoln Six Echo lives in a confined indoor community after ongoing abuse of the Earth has rendered most of the planet uninhabitable. One of the only places in the outside world still capable of sustaining life is an idyllic island where citizens are chosen to live through a lottery. Or at least that's what Lincoln and his fellow citizens are taught to believe; the truth is that Lincoln, like everyone he knows, is actually a clone who is kept under wraps to provide needed organs when the person who supplied his or her DNA falls ill. When he becomes aware that his existence is a fraud, Lincoln escapes to the outside world with a fellow clone, Jordan Two Delta, though the powers that be are determined to see that no one gets away alive.

There is no mistaking a film shot by Michael Bay. Whether it’s a lingering lens on a beautiful woman, or the over the top stylization of color and contrast, Bay has a style all his own. The Island is no exception. Strong contrast and color blend together for a music video look that works well with the genre. You definitely get an eye full of teal and gold with this transfer, but you also get some very rich detail and definition. Depth of image is strong and fine film grain is always evident. The transfer definitely shows more fine detail than I got with my UK import that has been in my catalog for quite some time. Where this Blu-ray really excels is the audio department. The previous region-free import was limited to a lossy Dolby Digital mix that was good, but doesn’t quite live up to this new DTS-HD Master Audio mix. Bay is great at blowing stuff up and staging the most intense action sequences you can imagine. This is no exception and features some of the best chase sequences put on film. Destruction is everywhere and the surround environment delivers it all in a compelling fashion. Low bass extension is sensational, especially when the rail road wheels start hitting the ground. A great presentation that features some wonderful demo worthy sequences.

Extras are a bit disappointing but do include a decent commentary by Michael Bay along with some short production features that look at Bay’s trademark style and the film’s effects.

Michael Bay gets a lot of grief for his style of films but occasionally he delivers a great popcorn piece. This is certainly one of those times. I liked this one far more than his newest Transformers 3 robotfest. Paramount has delivered a sensational Blu-ray presentation making this a must have for fans of Bay’s better action hits.