Integra-ted Separates

The Integra DHC-60.5 is a more affordable preamp/processor than their existing DHC 80.3. At $2,000, it is a full $1,000 less. But it doesn’t seem to yield anything up in features. Fewer ISF calibration settings than big brother – but hey, ISF settings! While the 80.5 offers two in-room HDMI outputs to the DHC-60.5’s single HDMI output, the 60.5 has an HDNet (HDMI over Ethernet) output big brother lacks. With that, you can run video to another room or use Ethernet cable if your house is so wired, instead of HDMI. Best feature for me are the Bluetooth antenna on the back so now your phone is your media player. Got it!

Besides having RCA outputs, the Integra also has XLR outputs, which I prefer for separates. I sometimes wonder if something could be done about the clutter of analog inputs most manufacturers still feel forced to offer. But as long as Integra continues to have a phono stage input, I suppose I will never complain!