Integra DTR-7.6 AV Receiver: First Look

Price: $1,400
Channels/Power: 7x105W
Decoding: DD, DD EX, ProLogic IIx, DTS, DTS-ES Discrete/Matrix/Neo:6/DTS 24/96
Ins and Outs: Two coax and five toslink digital audio, one 7.1-channel analog, two HDMI (spec 1.1), three component video, RS-232, three 12V triggers
Highlights: THX Select2, XM Satellite Radio ready, EZSet automated setup and EQ, transcoding of composite and S-Video and component video to HDMI, multi-source/multi-zone learning backlit remote.

Integra's THX Select2-certified AVR is a 7x105 number with a spate of features to appeal to both the hardcore enthusiast and the more casual buyer. In addition all the suites of Dolby and DTS decoding modes, HDMI spec 1.1 switching is included which means 1080p video and hi-res multichannel PCM from HD DVD ad Blu-ray are on tap. In addition the DTR-7.6 is XM Satellite Radio ready and has powerful multi-zone capabilities. This is a very well-equipped little number from Integra for just 1400 bones. Available now.