I Am Number Four—Dreamworks/Disney

John Smith is an extraordinary teen masking his true identity to elude a deadly enemy sent to destroy him. Living with his guardian in the small town he now calls home; John encounters unexpected life-changing events - his first love, powerful new abilities and a secret connection to the others who share his incredible destiny.

Disney delivers a strong presentation for this tween fantasy entry. Fine object detail is breathtaking at times and overall dimension and depth is strong. The black levels are impressive and shadow detail was in line with the better Blu-ray transfers I’ve seen. Colors have a slightly oversaturated look, but this lends to the more eye popping sequences in the film. The DTS-HD Master Audio mix is a good mix of bombastic sound design and subtle imaging. There are plenty of overdone explosions but thankfully most of the mix is a subtle mix of surround cues and ambiance. Dialogue sounds natural enough and the sound design has some creative moments with the more exciting sequences. While I don’t think this is a movie I’d reach for to demo my system, it was still fun.

For this review Disney provided the special edition that comes packed with the DVD of the film along with a digital copy for your portable device. Extras for the film are a bit limited though and include some deleted scenes and bloopers plus some insight into one of the characters in the film with interviews and behind the scenes footage. Some trailers are also included.

While entertaining, I Am Number Four comes off more like a tween movie than anything very serious. Essentially something to take the mind of teen masses off Twilight for a bit. The dialogue was simple and so were the characters. The presentation is solid though so if you’re a fan, you won’t be disappointed.