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OutRun Online Arcade (XBLA/PSN)

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When most people hear the word "Sega," they tend to think about a certain blue hedgehog. Years before the speedster named Sonic hit the scene, however, Sega released one of the first great arcade racing games, Out Run. Despite its meager 320 x 224 resolution, it managed to give players a feeling of real speed thanks to its behind-the-car perspective and fast framerate.

While it's not a complete remake of the original game, OutRun Online Arcade captures the arcade classic's speed in 720p high-def. Players can hop into the driver's seat of 10 different Ferraris, and drive through 15 lush, colorful tracks. Up to 6 players can race against each other online, and a variety of game modes keep the racing action from getting stale.

There are plenty of great racing games available on the Xbox 360, but OutRun Online Arcade's combination of downloadable convenience and fast-paced arcade-style racing makes it one of the best. At only $10, it's a must-have for any fan of the 1986 classic racer, or anyone who simply likes to drive fast.