HiFiMan Unveils Shangri-La Jr. Electrostatic Headphone/Tube Amp System

HiFiMan today introduced a slimmed down version of its $50,000 flagship Shangri-La electrostatic headphone system that “maintains the predecessor’s wide, natural soundstage in a leaner and lighter package.”

The appropriately named Shangri-La Jr. ($8,000) is anchored by a compact tube amplifier sporting four custom 300B tubes designed and built in-house by HiFiMan. Unlike a conventional amplifier, there are no capacitors or transformers between the tubes and headphone — the headphones are directly driven by the tubes.

The amplifier weighs 24 pounds and measures roughly 16 x 10 x 4 inches, making it easy to place on a desk, lamp table, or nightstand.

The matching electrostatic headphones boast large 3.8-inch drivers and weigh just over 13 ounces to ensure comfort after hours of listening.

“The Shangri-La is the ultimate representation of our personal audio design capabilities, with a price that reflects our no-holds-barred approach to the end result,” said company founder and CEO Dr. Fang Bian. “But, we knew from the start that we should also create a version that is within reach of a larger group of music lovers who will appreciate the sonic benefits of electrostatic performance at real-world prices.

“The cumulative effect of experiencing well-recorded music over the Shangri-La Jr. system puts the listener in a 10th row center seat in an acoustically accurate concert hall.”

For more information, visit hifiman.com.