Good Guys Debuts Panasonic DVD Recorder

West Coast–based consumer-electronics chain Good Guys will be one of the first retailers in the nation to carry Panasonic's new video recorder. The DMR-E10, capable of recording Dolby Digital 2-track audio and MPEG-2 video, will arrive in all 79 Good Guys locations beginning in late September.

Part of a new era of fully digital video recording devices, the DMR-E10 is expected to break open the market for all types of DVD-related equipment. "The DVD-Video Recorder opens up a new realm of possibilities for digital enthusiasts and will push the DVD format deeper into the mainstream," according to Rusty Osterstock, general manager of Panasonic Consumer Electronics' DVD division.

The new machine enjoyed its official debut Thursday, August 3, at a Santa Clara, California, Good Guys store. "With the Panasonic DVD-Video recorder, our customers will have the ability to easily record and store video on DVD-RAM discs, transfer previous recordings, and view them any time they want, greatly expanding the capabilities and practicalities of the DVD format," said Good Guys VP of merchandising Cathy A. Stauffer.

Introduced approximately three years ago, the DVD player is one of the most successful consumer-electronics products ever introduced. During the same time, Good Guys has remade itself from a mid-market commodities operation into an upscale high-tech retailer, attracting a more sophisticated level of customer. "Our growing customer base of early adopters and tech-savvy consumers thrives on digital technologies and the ability to use various media interchangeably," Stauffer said. Good Guys carries many upper-end Panasonic products, as well as quality gear from many other manufacturers.