Go to a Concert Without Leaving Home

If you love going to concerts but are tired of paying exorbitant ticket prices (if you can even get them) or settling for cheaper seats in the nose-bleed section, MelodyVR is building a library of alternate reality “concert going” options you might find appealing.

The U.K.-based company launched a virtual reality (VR) platform in 2018 that lets you experience live shows in new, exciting ways — move around the venue, even get up on stage with the band.

The company has distribution agreements with the major music labels and works with artists — Blake Shelton, Luke Combs, Imagine Dragons, and Kelly Clarkson, among them — to create VR recordings of live shows that can be streamed to Oculus VR headsets or iPhone and Android devices through its app.

“MelodyVR was founded to deliver new and amazing ways for music fans to connect with the artists they love,” the company said when it hit the scene in 2018, following a $30 million fund raising effort.

Looking to expand beyond VR concerts that can be enjoyed any time, the company is planning to launch live VR streaming later this year. Instead of buying a regular ticket to, say, a Lewis Capaldi show, you’d buy a virtual ticket and stream the show to an Oculus VR headset or via the MelodyVR app to your phone.

The company is planning a monthly subscription that would provide unlimited access to live concerts in addition to its current pay-per-view scheme that charges $2 a song or $10 for an entire concert. No word yet on what a subscription will cost.

A live streaming option wasn’t even possible until recently because they had to create special cameras that were unobtrusive and able to withstand the rigors of a live performance.

MelodyVR is also planning to introduce its own VR headset for use with its app. The headset, which uses the phone’s screen and speaker, is expected to cost around $20.

For more information, including a list of available performances, visit melodyvr.com.


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