Focal Expands In-Wall/Ceiling Speaker Line

Focal has introduced a new seven-model series of entry-level in-wall/ceiling speaker series at prices ranging from $149 to $449, and announced plans to add three models to its mid-priced 300 Series. The 100 Series is available now and the 300 Series is due out in May.

Models in both series are compact, easy to install, and intended for use in home theater and audio-only applications — including bathrooms and other humid environments, according to the company. They also “conform faithfully to Focal’s signature sound” and feature the brand’s inverted-dome tweeter.

100 Series models, left to right (top): 100 ICLCR5, 100 IC6ST, and 100 ICW5. Bottom: 100 IW6 and 100 LCR5.

The 100 Series models feature shallow mounting depths and are designed for small- to medium-sized rooms. There are three coaxial models — 100 ICW5 ($149), 100 ICW6 ($199), and 100 ICW8 ($249) — that can be mounted in a wall or ceiling, the 100 IC6ST ($229) in-ceiling stereo coaxial model, the 100 IC LCR5 in-ceiling speaker ($449), and the 100 IW6 ($199) and 100 IWLCR5 ($249) in-wall speakers.

To meet Focal’s performance requirements, 100 Series models are equipped with an inverted-dome aluminum tweeter that’s less direction than previous models and a new Polyglass cone woofer. In-ceiling models have been upgraded for improved off-axis listening.

Four of the seven 100 Series models — the 100 ICW5, 100 ICW6, 100 ICW8, and 100 IC6ST — are equipped with a ±3-dB high-frequency EQ switch; the 100 IW6 and the 100 IWLCR5 models also have a ±2-dB midrange EQ switch.

300 series additions, left to right: 300 ICLCR5, 300 IWLCR6, and 300 IW6.

The 300 Series, which is built in France and features Focal’s flax cone woofer and inverted-dome aluminum-magnesium tweeter, has been expanded with three new models: the 300 IWLCR6 ($799), 300 ICLCR5 ($799), and 300 IW6 ($499). Common features include a frame-less design with magnetic grilles, tool-free installation, and adjustable tweeters.

The flagship IWLCR6, intended for home theater, features a midrange/tweeter section that can be rotated by 90 degrees, enabling it to be used as a left-, center-, or right-channel speaker.