Feed Your Vinyl Fetish: Record Store Day 2012 Picks From S+V

Record Store Day can be an exhilarating - and, depending on where you shop, occasionally exasperating - experience. Always a lot of fun, you can raise your odds of getting the good stuff you want on RSD by doing a little planning ahead and preparing a shopping/wish list. Really.  

Accordingly, this is my wish list, with the 22 discs (I tried to stop at a cool 21 but couldn't resist one more) I would like to get this year. Of course, I recognize that I won't be able to find everything - and even if I do I'll have to prioritize 'cuz I can't afford everything I want here!  How do I narrow down my choices? Well, firstly, as a "record collector" I look for things by my favorite artists (or those I am curious about), which are fairly unique (and I don't use that term loosely), really cool, made in smallish pressings and likely not to be re-pressed (that, in fact, is what makes a record collectible!).

Topping my list - purely because I am a geek about these things - are colored vinyl records. These days, most sound just as good as black vinyl LPs (tho' there are many who will argue otherwise). More importantly, they make me smile. They always have, since I was a little kid.  

Add a cool pattern (such as Grinderman's amazing black and white Time-Tunnel-esque swirl 12-inch 45 RPM single from last year) or splatter coloring on the vinyl and you have something to treasure and listen to and geek out on for years to come.

Titles are taken from the checklist on the official RSD website and are current as of this posting; the number following the label info indicates the number of discs being pressed.

Now, onto the list… and happy record hunting!

Mark Smotroff has written on music for HomeTechTell.com, EQ, Mix, and DISCoveries (since bought by Goldmine) and collects LPs, 45s, SACDs, DVD-A's, Blu-rays & old 16-inch radio transcription discs. He is also a musician/composer/producer (dialthemusical.com, ingdom.com).