Elite’s Wireless Trigger Syncs Projector with Screen

Elite Screens has added a touch of magic to outdoor entertainment with a new accessory that automatically lowers (and retracts) its Yard Master Electric Series of retractable outdoor projection screens.

When the projector powers up, Elite’s ZOMS-TR12V wireless 12-volt trigger automatically sends an RF (radio-frequency) “drop” command to the screen, moving it into its “open” position. When it powers down, the trigger commands the screen to retract into its casing — again, without the user having to do anything.

Installation is simple: You plug the small device into the projector’s “trigger output” port and it becomes an automated RF dedicated to the task of moving the screen up and down in sync with the projector’s power cycle.

The TR12V operates in the 433 MHz band and has a usable range of 15 meters (49 feet), according to Elite. And although it’s labeled 12 volts, the trigger will work with projectors that have outputs between 11 and 15 volts.

“Whenever you are doing an outdoor projection display, the objective is simplification,” said Dave Rodgers, marketing manager for Elite Screens. “Because it is wireless, [the ZOMS-TR12V] cuts down on the amount of wires used for the presentation.”

Available in sizes up to 180 inches, Elite’s Yard Master Electric Series screens are water-resistant and use rust-proof frame materials. A 2-year manufacturer’s warranty is included.

For more information on Elite’s ZOMS-TR12V wireless trigger and an overview of 12-volt triggers, visit elitescreens.com.