DirecTV TiVos: Better Late Than Never

Although promised in a press release last summer, owners of DirecTV TiVo combo units are finally getting their upgrades. While many stand-alone TiVo boxes have had these features, it seems that DirecTV was a little slow to bring these features to their most loyal customers.  What comes in the new upgrades?

Tivo_logo_lg_rgb The software download will have features that owners have anxiously been waiting for. The Recently Deleted folder lets you retrieve a program that was accidentally deleted.  Overlap Protection keeps you from missing the ending of your favorite programs, and most exciting for most folks, DirecTV's Remote Booking feature that lets you program your recorder from a PC or even mobile phone.  Never miss the latest episode of Lost, no matter what time you get home from work. 

There were other promised upgrades, such as networking and activating the USB ports that haven't happened yet. Is patience really a virtue?-Leslie Shapiro

Via Gizmo Lovers