DirecTV, TiVo Gain National Distribution

A satellite receiver with programmable recording capability is now available nationwide from DirecTV. The result of a four-way collaboration among the direct broadcast satellite service, hard disk recording pioneer TiVo, Inc., Philips Electronics, and Sony Electronics, the DirecTV Receiver with TiVo technology allows consumers to select, record, and time-shift programming selected from among DirecTV's more than 225 channels, according to a November 2 press release.

Up to 35 hours of selected programs can be recorded on the unit's hard-disk drive at the lowest level of resolution, with selections chosen as long as 14 days in advance using DirecTV's Advanced Program Guide. The DirecTV Receiver is being marketed as either the Philips DSR6000 or the Sony SAT-T60. Both include the full package of TiVo-originated recording features, and are now available at electronics retailers nationwide.

"Providing our customers with the ability to manage and control their TV viewing preferences, as well as delivering the best in digital entertainment, lies at the heart of our partnership with TiVo," said Larry Chapman, president of DirecTV Global Digital Media, Inc. "DirecTV customers have come to expect more from their television programming. We believe satellite customers won't be able to do without this powerful programming combination."

The DirecTV Receiver gives viewers control over live TV. "Viewers have the ability to pause, replay instantly, rewind, fast forward as well as to play back in normal speed, slow motion or frame by frame," according to the announcement. "Sports fans and movie buffs will have full control of [all the] live television programs and sporting events available on DirecTV programming in full digital quality." Dolby Digital audio is also part of the package. Satellite services have made steady gains in the TV market in the wake of revised FCC regulations regarding the re-transmission of local signals.

"Our partnership with DirecTV is further proof of our drive to bring the best entertainment experience to viewers," said Mike Ramsay, TiVo president and CEO. "We think the combination of DirecTV's programming with TiVo's service will be the must-have entertainment product this holiday season."