Dirac Teams with RHA to Advance Headphone Listening

Dirac Research, the Swedish technology company best known among S&V readers for its Dirac Live speaker setup/room-correction system, today announced a collaboration with U.K.-based earphone specialist RHA to explore the integration of Dirac algorithms into RHA headphones.

The goal is to “create new levels of immersion and realism in personal audio” as mobile listening continues to proliferate, the companies said.

Dirac headphone-optimization technologies used in the Tritton Kunai Pro gaming headset and smartphones from Huawei and others are tailored to specific hardware and requirements.

Dirac HD Sound is said to improve overall audio quality by correcting impulse and frequency response. Dirac 3D Audio, available as a downloadable program, allows headphones to achieve 360-degree surround sound with “more convincing externalization, a realistic sense of space, accurate acoustical characteristics of different audio objects, [and] correct distance and location.”

Dirac’s Lars Isaksson said the company sees headphones and earbuds “evolving from a device that allows one to consume content to an always-on way to experience the world.” And as this market evolves, “digital audio will be an increasingly important component of this future headphone experience.”

“Dirac shares our vision for the future of personal audio,” said Kyle Hutchison, RHA’s director of product. “This collaboration combines our design and engineering experience with Dirac’s award-winning sound optimization software and strong research background. This collaboration will help us to push the boundaries of audio immersion and develop a new standard for headphone listening.”

For more information on Dirac 3D Audio, visit dirac.com. Click here for more information on Dirac HD Sound.


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