Denon DVM-4800 DVD-Audio/Video Changer Page 5

Still, quibbles aside, the Denon DVM-4800 is terrific. While it's predictable that newer generations of players will offer still more features and flexibility, it's startling just how magnificent the audio and video quality can get. This changer's playback looks and sounds so good that I have to wonder how much meaningful improvement is still possible within the optical-disc framework.

HIGH POINTS: Superb video and audio fidelity. Video adjustments galore. Plays almost everything but SACDs.

LOW POINTS: Limited bass management. Leisurely disc changing.

Fast Facts


  • DVD-Audio/Video five-disc changer
  • Full Dolby Digital and DTS decoding
  • Progressive-scan component-video output
  • Plays MP3s on CD-R and CD-RW discs
  • Bass Enhancer
  • br>
  • HDCD decoding

OUTPUTS Two composite/S-video, one component-video; analog stereo, 5.1-channel analog, and both coaxial and optical digital audio DIMENSIONS 17 1/8 inches wide, 5 1/4 inches high, 16 3/8 inches deep WEIGHT 15 3/4 pounds PRICE $1,249 MANUFACTURER Denon Electronics, Dept. S&V, 19 Chapin Rd., Pine Brook, NJ 07058-9777;; 973-396-0810