Denon AVR-2807 Receiver: Coming Attraction

  • $1,099
  • 110-Watts x 7 into 8 ohms
  • Processing Modes: DD, DD-EX, ProLogicIIx, Dolby Virtual Speaker, Dolby Headphone, DTS, DTS-ES/Discrete/Matrix/Neo: 6, DTS 24/96
Features We Like: HDMI 1.1 and component video switching, auto calibration with Audyssey MultEQ room EQ, transcoding of analog video to HDMI, two coaxial and five toslink digital audio inputs, one 7.1-channel analog audio input, 7.1-channel preamp outs, XM Satellite Radio Ready, AV sync delay, multi-source/multi-zone

On paper this is a lot of AVR for a thousand bucks. A feature set like this one would have been found only in the mega-buck, mega-receiver category a few years ago, and even then some of these cutting edge features weren't yet ready for prime time. HDMI 1.1 switching means you're ready for Blu-ray and HD DVD, and auto calibration with Audyssey's MultEQ room EQ is included too. For iPod generation the AVR-2807 is XM-Ready and connects to an optional iPod dock. If it sounds like a typical Denon AVR this one's a winner that doesn't break the bank.