Comcast Ups its Pay TV Game with Amazon Music

In the face of declining subscriptions, Comcast has upped its pay TV game with the launch of Amazon Music on its Xfinity X1 platform, marking the first time ad-free, on-demand streaming is available via cable TV.

Amazon Prime members can access more than 2 million songs and thousands of playlists and stations via the system’s voice remote with the words “Amazon Music.” Subscribers to the premium Amazon Music Unlimited service now have access to 50 million songs through X1.

Comcast also offers Amazon Music through its Internet-based Xfinity Flex service.

The addition of Amazon Music follows the successful launch of Amazon Prime Video on Xfinity X1 last year, providing access to movies and shows through the X1 or the Prime Video app.

“Amazon Prime Video quickly became one of the most-viewed services on X1 following its launch last year, so we are excited to expand our collaboration and enable our customers to also enjoy Amazon Music on the biggest screen in the home,” said Comcast vice president Nancy Spears.

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