CES 2013: Monster press event

Monster has earned a rep for some of CES's flashiest press events, but this year, the company outdid itself with an event that was so heavy on celebs, strutting models, and co-marketing announcements that the products themselves seemed lost in all the glamor. Few details or prices were provided; fortunately, I was able to get more info from the online press kit.

Most of the event focused on headphones, but the company also debuted a line of active HDMI cables, which include internal amplification for better performance at long distances. Head Monster Noel Lee also mentioned the new Katana, a $699 one-piece audio system that combines Bluetooth with wireless multiroom streaming using Monster's Streamcast transmitter/receiver systems.

Here's a photo essay showing most of the new headphone introductions, along with the celebs that touted them. (Skip to the end for more on the Katana.)