Cabasse Pacific 3SA LF-Powered Speaker

Departing from the spherical-enclosure paradigm as embodied in its La Sphère and L'Océan powered speakers, Cabasse this week announced the availability of a new floorstanding design, the Pacific 3SA. However, this speaker does incorporate the SCS (Spatially Coherent System) coaxial-driver design found in those models.

The mids and highs are handled by a 2-way coaxial driver unit that includes a 1.5-inch dome midrange/tweeter and a 6.7-inch ring-shaped low-mid/woofer. All together, this driver is said to seamlessly reproduce frequencies from 175Hz to 20khz with controlled directivity.

Flanking the coaxial midrange/tweeter driver are two 8.3-inch honeycomb, inverted-dome woofers powered by a built-in 450-watt amplifier. The result is a low end that reaches down to 38Hz, though no tolerance is given in the specs.

And the price? $9990 each, or you can get the passive version (no built-in amp) for $7710. That's a lot less than La Sphère and L'Océan, both of which cost over $100,000/pair. And if you keep the Pacific 3SA's grille on, it won't look like it's staring at you.