B&W Puts Flagship Tech in New 600 Series Speakers

Bowers & Wilkins today introduced a “dramatically improved” sixth iteration of its popular 600 Series speakers.

Hailed as the most affordable speakers to incorporate technologies previously reserved for B&W’s flagship 800 Diamond Series, all models in the new 600 Series lineup feature the company’s exclusive Continuum Cone 6-inch midrange driver and an updated version of its Decoupled Double Dome 1-inch aluminium tweeter. Together, the drivers are said to enhance transparency and clarity over previous 600 series models.

The redesigned 600 series comprises a tower-style floorstanding model, two bookshelf models, and a center-channel speaker.

Standing almost 40 inches tall, the 603 tower ($900) features two new 6.5-inch paper-cone woofers and is rated down to 29 Hz (–6 dB) with a sensitivity of 88.5 dB SPL and maximum power handling of 200 watts.

Equally at home on a speaker stand or shelf, the 12-inch-tall 607 ($300) and 13.5-inch-tall 606 ($400) models feature a 5- and 6.5-inch Continuum Cone driver, respectively, and are both rated down to play down to 40 Hz (–6-dB). Sensitivity is specified as 84 dB for the 607 and 88 dB for the 606, with respective power handling of 100 and 120 watts.

The HTM6 center speaker ($599) is about 19 inches wide and places B&W’s Decoupled Double Dome tweeter between two 5-inch Continuum Cone drivers; its lower bass limit is 42 Hz (–6 dB) and maximum power handling is 120 watts.

The line includes three complementary subwoofers carried over from the previous 600 Series: The ASW610XP ($1,200), featuring a 10-inch driver and 500-watt amplifier; the ASW610 ($650), with a 10-inch driver and 200-watt amp; and the ASW608 ($500) that drops down to an 8-inch driver with 200 watts of power. ICEpower Class D digital amplifiers are used in all three subwoofers.

All 600 Series speakers are available finished in matte black or satin white.

“The 600 Series is the perfect entry point into the Bowers & Wilkins high-fidelity audio experience,” said Richard Campbell, B&W’s chief revenue officer at Bowers & Wilkins. “The new 600 Series embodies the original ethos of John Bowers’ mission to deliver best sound quality and to set new standards for audio performance.”

For more information, visit bowers-wilkins.com.