Bryston Previews ‘Ultimate’ Audiophile Systems

Bryston today announced a new high-end lineup of active speaker systems that “leverages decades of research into the science of acoustics.”

The line comprises three models — the Model T Active, Middle T Active (shown), and Mini T Active — each mated to a Bryston BAX-1 DSP-enabled active crossover and outboard Cubed Series amplifier. Two new amplifiers were developed specifically for the new speakers: the three-channel 21B³ and six-channel 24B³, available in silver or black, with or without rack handles.

Bryston says each system has been optimized using more than 300 measurements made in an anechoic chamber to achieve a “highly refined audiophile listening experience.”

The BAX-1 digital crossover at the heart of each system features user-selected filters for tailoring bass response and functions as a three-way network that applies driver correction to each channel.

The Model T Active and Middle T Active models are tower-style three-way designs standing 52.5 and 39.5 inches tall, respectively, that mate high-excursion 8-inch woofers with pairs of 5.25-inch midranges and 1-inch tweeters; the Model T has three woofers, the Middle T two. The Mini T Active is a formidable 22.5-inch-tall bookshelf speaker that can be mounted on a stand or used freestanding; it boasts one each of the same drivers used in its siblings.

Finish options include black ash, natural cherry, and Boston cherry veneers with custom veneers available at extra cost.

The Model T Active system ($33,770), comprising the BAX-1, a pair of 21B³ amplifiers, and a pair of Model T speaker, is slated to ship by March. The Middle T Active system ($20,230) is slated to ship by June and includes the BAX-1 crossover, one 24B³ amplifier, and a pair of Middle T speakers. The Mini T Active system ($17,690) shares the same delivery timeline and configuration as the Middle but with Mini T speakers.

All speakers and amplifiers are backed by Bryston’s legendary 20-year warranty; the BAX-1 is covered by a 5-year warranty.

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