Blockbuster streaming coming to some Samsung BD players and HDTVs

There has been a lot of talk lately about all the various boxes that now stream Netflix's on-demand service, but Blockbuster is apparently eager to remind us that big red isn't the only game in town. Starting in the fall, owners of certain Samsung Blu-ray players and connected HDTVs will have access to Blockbuster's online catalog content available for rental and purchase. Since the model is different than the Netflix service, which many Samsung devices already support, it should be a nice compliment. And hey, more content options are always better, especially if they don't require getting up and hucking it to the video store. Now if only they could find a way to stream Sour Patch Kids. Take the jump for the list of effected devices.

According to the press release, you'll see the upgrade in: LNB650 series, LNB750 series, UNB7000 series, UNB7100 series, UNB8000 series, PNB650 series, PNB850 series, PNB860 series. Here's a link to the Blockbuster announcement in case you really like press releases.

--Stan Horaczek