Best Buy's TiVo HD/HDTV Bundle

There are ghosts in my machines. I'm convinced of it. Two weeks ago, my trusty 32-inch CRT TV started to fail. The picture would go green, then black and white, and then the death roll. Grrr.  Off to Best Buy to start researching what I wanted.

Not two days after that, my TiVo started in with me. The program would just freeze for a few seconds, randomly. No matter if I was watching live TV (although continually buffered) or playing back from the drive. Uh-oh. It was time to start watching all the movies I had archived on it. Was there a conspiracy in my home theater?

Now I have to wonder if Best Buy has a hand in this. They just announced a new special - save $100 on a TiVo HD DVR when you buy an HDTV. Did they sabotage my home theater? I think so!

Keep reading for the details on the deal.

It's surprisingly simple. Pick one of Best Buy's HDTV's and either the TiVo-HD XL Digital Video Recorder or the TiVo-HD Digital Video Recorder, and Best Buy will knock $100 off the total. 

Now, here's my dilemma - I have DirecTV. Do I wait for the new integrated DirecTV/TiVo box or  jump now? The more important question is can I wait that long? Guess where I'm going to spend my Black Friday. -Leslie Shapiro

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