Barco Closes CEDIA with Stunning Demo

While I only just made it in for the final showcase of the night, Barco capped the show off in style with a stunning cost-no-object showcase of a full 4K laser 6P projector coupled with an insane audio system from Dutch loudspeaker company Alcons. The Dolby 3D theater, designed by Barco with North America partner Display Development, showcased some of the best 3D images I’ve seen to date. The demo was conducted by high-end integrator Cineramax.

While this level of performance comes at a price point that few can swallow (half a million anyone?) it is always fun to see what can be obtained when you’re not constrained by any pesky dollar bills. The clarity of the Barco projection was incredible with brilliant detail and eye popping color. The Alcons audio system was a no holds approach to cinematic quality audio with amazing dynamic range and thundering low bass impact. I can’t think of a better demo to cap a great show with.

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