Angelis Labor's Gabriel Turntable: Artful Sound

We're not sure if this is art, or audiophile perfection. Angelis Labor is unveiling the Gabriel Turntable, a remarkable way to treat your vinyl.  Made in a factory that also turns out parts for Ferrari, the Gabriel is a customized system, with up to four arms. It's a magnetic suspension system, with gorgeous bronze, aluminum, or stainless steel.

"A true reference turntable equipped with a base that can accept up to four arms. The materials used include aluminum, bronze and stainless steel. The turntable and arm are totally decoupled at several points - beneath the base, beneath the turntable and beneath the pin, using a magnetic field calibrated and controlled with great precision. The Gabriel turntable and arm require absolutely no antiskating and in fact have no provisions for it."

The price?

Gabrielle3 Depending on your configuration, the price ranges from $27,000 - $64,000.

Gabrielle5  Think of all the iPods you could buy for that amount. -Leslie Shapiro

Angelis Labor