Americans to Stimulate Economy with TV Purchases

Whether you're for or against the Bush administration's decision to mail out economic stimulus checks to American taxpayers, the check is in the mail. Or, it will be at some point this summer in the amount of $600 per adult per household, and $300 per child.

We have a feeling we know what industry you're going to help stimulate. The Consumer Electronics Association knows too: According to a survey conducted by that group, 20% of people say they will spend their bonus checks on consumer electronics. Of those people, 39% say they will buy a new TV with the cash.

"Despite clear uncertainties in the macroeconomic environment, this new research coupled with shipment data for key categories like flat-panel TVs from CEA's shipment data program suggests technology remains essential to consumers. In fact, shipments for flat-panel TVs are up 30 percent in the first two months of the year," said CEA Economist Shawn DuBravac in a statement.

True, most top consumer electronics brands are owned by Asian companies, not American concerns. But hey, at least our favorite big box retailers will benefit.

What are you planning to buy? A second HDTV for the bedroom? Wireless speakers? A Blu-ray player? High-end home theater installation services? So many choices . . . put your wish list in the comments. -Rachel Rosmarin

Consumer Electronics Association