Amazon: Alexa One-Touch Routines Now Include Music

Artificial intelligence continues creeping into our daily lives as the popularity of smart speakers and smart-home automation devices continues to grow.

In one of the latest examples, Amazon has added music to its voice controlled Alexa Routines, which allow owners of the Echo and other Amazon smart devices to execute several linked actions with a single voice command.

The Routines can now be programmed to include music from streaming services such as Pandora, Spotify, Amazon, and TuneIn or to play a specific song, album, or playlist as part of a routine triggered by a specific phrase such as “good morning” or “good night.”

In addition to automating smart-home tasks such as opening the blinds and turning on the coffee maker, for example, a “good morning” routine can include tuning into a favorite streaming service or internet radio station as part of the sequence.

Alexa Routines can also be scheduled to perform a specific task — perhaps tuning into a favorite podcast every day at a certain time.

The move is seen as an attempt by Amazon to more fully integrate music into the smart home/smart speaker experience.