$249 Electrostatic Headphone Easily Crowdfunded

It’s impossible to escape headphones. New product announcements turn up in our inboxes every few days and some are even launched via crowdfunding campaigns—like Sharkk’s Bravo electrostatic headphone.

With nine days left to go, Bravo has easily exceeded its $50,000 funding goal on Indiegogo, having raised almost $182,000 since the campaign was launched in July.

The $249 headphone is now available for pre-order on bravoheadphones.com. If you act fast you can take advantage of the super early bird offer of $199, which is limited to 1,000 units—821 of which have already been claimed.

Instead of using conventional speaker cones to produce sound and unlike traditional electrostatic ’phones that required a separate power source, Bravo employs a super thin electret film that requires only 0.1 volt of onboard power for operation.

Weighing 0.65 pounds, the Bravo is an acoustically sealed over-ear design with 1.5-inch drive units and leather-wrapped ear cushions.

“Our mantra at Sharkk is to create high quality consumer products at an affordable price point, and we’ve done just that with the new Bravo Headphones,” said Sharkk CEO Dov Brafman. “Consumers will feel like they are wearing $3,000 headphones, but at a fraction of the price.”

For more information visit bravoheadphones.com.