‘CalMAN Home’ TV Calibration Software Due in April

Portrait Displays, a leader in color-calibration solutions and advanced display control, has announced plans to release a simplified, lower-cost consumer version of its forthcoming CalMAN 2019 professional video calibration software.

Due out in April, CalMAN Home software will be offered in four consumer-friendly versions, each priced at $145 and designed to provide automatic color calibration for TVs from LG, Panasonic, Samsung, or Sony. Additional versions will be made available in the future.

“Color calibration delivers an exceptional home cinema experience with optimized color, allowing consumers to view films, TV shows, and other media just as the creator intended,” Portrait said in a press release announcing the software, which is said to include “the most utilized features” plus streamlined versions of many advanced features.

In addition to automatic calibration, or AutoCal, CalMAN Home enables manual calibration for TV models that don’t support AutoCal, provides color settings geared to different viewing activities and environments, and includes one year worth of updates.

For a rundown of features for each of the four versions of CalMAN Home, click here.

K-hud's picture

I might be wrong but I don't think Panasonic is making TV's anymore. At least in the US. Is this designed for 4K. I've been unable to find a 4K calibration disc so far.

brenro's picture

Panasonic is apparently still making really really good TV's, just not for us. Even Canada gets them.

Deus02's picture

Actually, Panasonic is very much in the television business and their OLED models(which are used in Hollywood to process color calibration in movies) are regarded as having the best "out of the box" color accuracy of any of the manufacturers. For some reason, even though they display at CES every year, they have chosen to confine their markets to Europe, Asia and as far as North America is concerned, they do sell them in Canada but NOT the U.S. Why, who knows? Even Toshiba is back in the television market with some very good value OLED models as well, yet, unless I missed something, they have avoided the N/A market as well.

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At this years "Shoot-out" Panasonic's rep verified NO US TVS!!!!!

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You still need to purchase a colorimeter do you not?