McIntosh Goes Hollywood: Can You Name the Film?

There’s no mistaking those iconic blue power meters — a hallmark of McIntosh Labs audio gear — but can you guess the movie this scene belongs to?

Hint: The recently released film is the fourth installment in a franchise inspired by a 1960 classic starring a small group of entertainers known for their Vegas appearances. Here’s another clue: Out of the gate, the film has not been as well received as the 2001 film that kicked off the franchise.

And for those who are really astute, a second question: Can you identify the speaker behind and to the left of the character shown on screen?

Hint:: It’s is from a well-known European brand known for high style and performance.

Check back Thursday morning for the answer. And, no cheating.

funambulistic's picture

… and Sonus Faber! If you ever watch Elementary on CBS, you will notice Sherlock has a sweet McIntosh stack, including a turntable and Energy speakers

brenro's picture

Considering his not insubstantial conceit you just know he'd have proper British kit.

funambulistic's picture

They deleted my comment, but not your response. So, what brand of British gear do you suppose Holmes would think suited him?

brenro's picture

For Holmes I'm thinking vintage tubes i.e. Radford or Quad, something he's restored himself. I think that would suit the character better.

pgbinder's picture

That was easy, but name the film that featured a shot of a McIntosh Power Amp with a digital display that counted down from 7 to 0 as part of the self test/turn-on sequence. It stared a guy named Mi**** (Oh, that would make it too easy), and very young, absolutely ravishing blond. I worked for the late Nortel Networks, which had their telephones in almost every Movie/TV show for many years (I have a Nortel/Tool Time mug), but now it is all Cisco (wired) phones, and iPhones for wireless!

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'What lies beneath' had mctintosh gear shown in the house near the front door. I always notice these things in movies.

Old Ben's picture

Oceans 8

funambulistic's picture

… and the Sonus Faber too, but they seemed to have wiped the original comments. I also brought up Elementary on CBS - Sherlock has a Mcintosh stack and Energy speakers.

Scott_jd's picture

Talk about noticing things......The sad thing was that beautiful equipment had a SONOS Connect feeding it in the cabinet on the left