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SV Staff  |  Jul 02, 2019  |  6 comments
Stacey Spears and Don Munsil, creators of the acclaimed Spears & Munsil High Definition Benchmark series of test and calibration discs, have announced the release of the UHD HDR Benchmark, a 4K Blu-ray disc dedicated to the calibration and evaluation of 4K Ultra HD (UHD) displays that support high dynamic range (HDR).
SV Staff  |  Jul 01, 2019  |  0 comments
Sound & Vision Top Picks for the month of June include two TVs — one a 4K OLED that delivers breathtaking images, the other a super-bright LCD set that costs $1,500 less — a $500 soundbar that’s does a lot more than just improve movie sound, and a pair of tower speakers from a legendary name in audio that can be had for five hundred bucks.
Stewart Wolpin  |  Jul 01, 2019  |  4 comments
Forty years ago today Sony introduced a portable cassette player that would forever change the way the world experienced music on-the-go.
SV Staff  |  Jun 28, 2019  |  0 comments
With Independence Day less than a week away, Shop Sound & Vision and others are offering deals on LG TVs that are sure to raise a few eyebrows.
SV Staff  |  Jun 28, 2019  |  1 comments
Roku-based streaming devices accounted for more than 30% of U.S. sales of connected TV devices in the first three months of 2019, bolstering Roku’s lead in streaming TV platforms, according to new research from Strategy Analytics.
SV Staff  |  Jun 27, 2019  |  0 comments
Dirac Research, the Swedish technology company best known among S&V readers for its Dirac Live speaker setup/room-correction system, is bringing that technology to cars through a partnership with China’s miniDSP.
SV Staff  |  Jun 27, 2019  |  3 comments
HBO has announced plans to release a limited-edition DVD/Blu-ray boxed set encompassing all eight seasons of the Game of Thrones just in time for Christmas and singled out Season 8 for release on 4K/Ultra HD Blu-ray.
SV Staff  |  Jun 26, 2019  |  1 comments
Who says Amazon and Google don’t play nice together? Sony today announced that its Android-powered TVs are the first to offer Alexa voice control and expanded capabilities through a new Amazon app.
SV Staff  |  Jun 26, 2019  |  0 comments
For every enthusiast who wants to shine a bright light on his stack of gear there’s another who would rather hide it away, maybe in a nice piece of furniture.
SV Staff  |  Jun 26, 2019  |  0 comments
Samsung has upgraded the picture quality of its design-focused Serif TV with the addition of QLED quantum-dot backlighting technology.
SV Staff  |  Jun 25, 2019  |  0 comments
EPV Screens has unveiled a new logo, the first change in its branding since the company was launched as a division of Elite Screens in 2012.
SV Staff  |  Jun 25, 2019  |  0 comments
The once-popular home theater in a box (HTiB) category faded but never completely went away. In April, Pioneer revived the category in its line and now Yamaha is expanding its HTiB offerings with two new 5.1-channel bundles that gives you everything you need except a Blu-ray player (assuming you even want one) .
SV Staff  |  Jun 25, 2019  |  0 comments
Zvox Audio, the Boston-based soundbar pioneer and champion of audio products for the hearing impaired, has introduced $150 wireless noise-canceling headphones that also incorporate the voice-boosting AccuVoice technology developed for its line of TV speakers.
SV Staff  |  Jun 24, 2019  |  0 comments
Anxious to get a jump on July 4th, Costco has knocked $200 off the price of two TVs in Vizio’s M7 Quantum Series.
SV Staff  |  Jun 24, 2019  |  0 comments
You probably haven’t heard of Deena Ghazarian but behind-the-scenes she played an integral role in building brands you probably have heard of: Monster Products and Beats by Dre. Ghazarian is now applying 25 years of experience building consumer-technology and fashion brands to her new technology accessories company, Austere.