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SV Staff  |  Jan 16, 2018  |  0 comments
Bryston today announced a new high-end lineup of active speaker systems that “leverages decades of research into the science of acoustics.”
SV Staff  |  Jan 16, 2018  |  0 comments
Jamo has put its Danish design mojo to work in two “alternative” soundbars.
SV Staff  |  Jan 15, 2018  |  0 comments
Funai Electric, exclusive licensee for Philips televisions and video products in North America, announced at CES 2018 last week that Technicolor HDR will be integrated into Philips TVs in 2019 and demonstrated a prototype TV with the capability.
SV Staff  |  Jan 15, 2018  |  7 comments
A new survey from global research firm GfK has shed some light on one of the hot topics at last week’s CES — net neutrality — as controversy continued to swirl over the FCC’s recent decision to give Internet service providers greater control over the Internet “pipe,” setting up a marketplace that many fear could come to resemble that of traditional pay-TV services.
SV Staff  |  Jan 08, 2018  |  0 comments
On the eve of CES 2018, Sound United today announced that it has acquired Classé Audio, the Canadian maker of high-performance AV components.
SV Staff  |  Jan 05, 2018  |  1 comments
“Here for today and ready for tomorrow” is how China-based Fibbr is positioning the imminent launch of Ultra 8K, a “plug-and-play” 8K/HDR-ready fiber-optic HDMI cable said to support transmission speeds up to 56 gigabits per second (Gbps) over distances up to 164 feet (50 meters).
Darryl Wilkinson  |  Jan 05, 2018  |  2 comments
CES 2018 is coming! Here's our preview of the upcoming tech-fest.
Bob Ankosko  |  Jan 04, 2018  |  3 comments
15 Minutes with Astra Insights’ Shawn DuBravac

Stop for a moment and think back to home entertainment 10 years ago. You were starting to build a library of Blu-ray titles, thankful that HD had finally made its way to disc, but 4K at home was a technology of the future and streaming was still a curiosity. Netflix was a hugely successful DVD mail-order company with a billion discs delivered but could see the writing on the wall when it started offering movies on demand over the internet in February 2007. Today, streaming is commonplace and home audio and video have reached unprecedented levels of quality, raising the question of what comes next? Looking ahead to the future, we reached out to Dr. Shawn DuBravac, founder of the Washington, DC-based consultancy Astra Insights, former chief economist for the Consumer Technology Association, and author of the New York Times Best Seller (Regnery, 2015). A well-regarded futurist and trendcaster, DuBravac writes frequently about technology with a focus on deciphering disruptive shifts.

SV Staff  |  Jan 04, 2018  |  0 comments
The number of Americans who subscribe to cable TV is now the same as the number who subscribe to Netflix, according to a new report from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC).
SV Staff  |  Jan 04, 2018  |  1 comments
LG has announced details of the ThinQ artificial intelligence (AI) and image processing at the heart of the 2018 OLED and “Super UHD” LCD smart TVs it will showcase at CES 2018, which opens in Las Vegas on Tuesday.
SV Staff  |  Jan 03, 2018  |  0 comments
The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) has announced the passing of audio champion, Kenwood veteran, and former CTA board member Joe Richter.
SV Staff  |  Jan 03, 2018  |  0 comments
Control4, a leader in smart home controls systems, today announced its acquisition of Ihiji, a company specializing in technology that enables home tech integrators to service connected homes remotely over the internet.
SV Staff  |  Jan 03, 2018  |  1 comments
LG is turning to the world’s factory — China — to help secure its future as the standard bearer of OLED.
SV Staff  |  Jan 02, 2018  |  1 comments
Amazon’s New Fire TV is a cube-shaped dongle that brings Ultra HD to a middling price point of $70. Does it speak Alexa? Of course!...

Comcast Is Upping the cost of its Broadcast TV and Regional Sports Network services by $3.50 to $14.50 a month. These very charges have attracted a class-action consumer lawsuit claiming Comcast “secretly and repeatedly” increased them and employees “explicitly lie” by calling them government-related fees and taxes...

SV Staff  |  Dec 31, 2017  |  First Published: Dec 30, 2017  |  0 comments
We reviewed 13 products in December but only eight made the cut. Among them are three exemplary projectors ranging in price from $2,200 to $6,000, a fabulous sounding set of compact speakers with built-in power, excellent planar-magnetic headphones from a classic audio brand, a unique hi-res digital recording system that disciples of vinyl will love, and a separates-based 5.1-channel system that gives you everything you need except a source for just over two grand. As we ring in the New Year, any of these products would be a fine addition to your 2018 AV lineup.